HyperZone Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Unlockable ships

    After you accumulate a certain amount of points in this game, you will gain a new ship (which you will pilot after the level switches). You will also gain one stock (life) along with the ship (after you have got all the upgrades, you will no longer gain any stock).

    Code Effect
    30 000 points H Wing
    60 000 P-7
    80 000 RW 91
    140 000 X 003
    170 000 BM 4 Reform

    Contributed by: Carmensk 

  2. Codes

    Code Effect
    At the title screen press B, B, L, R, Left, Left, Select. Now you can push up to change levels. Level Select
    At the title screen, hold both L and R together. Select music or sound by pressing Right or Left on the d-pad, then hitting A. Sound Test

    Contributed by: GeckoGamer 

  3. 3D effect

    When the title screen has finished loading (the words Start and Normal are displayed), enter the code. The title screen will turn red to confirm success. During gameplay, press Select to toggle the effect on or off.

    Code Effect
    Select, Select, A, B, Select, Select, X, Y, Select, Select, L, R, up 3D effect

    Contributed by: FFCrono 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ FAQ by Five 17K