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What Gamespot Users have to say about Hype: The Time Quest

  • User Rating 10

    My favourite game!

    Rated on February 02, 2010 by killercelibi

    Hype is my favourite game of all time. It brings back fond memories of playing it with my dad and is an incredible game! The graphics are great and its such an amazing game. Divulge yourself in an ama...

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  • User Rating 8.5

    Ah Hype why couldn't you make a mark in history...

    Rated on September 01, 2007 by F2bnp

    Ah Hype The Time Quest.Remember when I was about 9 years old I played this game back in 99'.It was so cool and for PC Gamers it could have been the other Ocarina Of Time. Plot 8/10 You control H...

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  • User Rating 7.5

    Nice gameboy color game, with strange but good looking graphics

    Rated on November 11, 2007 by woef

    Hype: The time quest is a nice rpg like game. It features these different times where you have to collect all kinds of medals and flags so you can restore the time. It features these memorable bosse...

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  • User Rating 10

    Hype the time quest is easily one of the best games of it's time, and it's my all time favorite.

    Rated on December 18, 2008 by ZiggyHaloX

    Hype the time quest was one of the first games I ever played, and what an introduction to gaming. I suppose I hate it because now I'm playing Halo and Gears like there isn't a limit, with £20,000 wort...

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  • User Rating 8.3

    Sure it was always over shadowed by the Ocarina of Time but this game is still great nonetheless....

    Rated on March 12, 2007 by Kebn

    Its such a shame this game this game is so unheard of, it should be rightly be up there with some of the great action/rpg games of the late 90s. It's more childish than ocarina but some of its puzzles...

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  • User Rating 10

    This gave was quite simply, the best game I ever played. It's actually the only one that made me cry.

    Rated on March 16, 2007 by Kamaki1

    Who knew playmobil could be so much fun? I sure didn't. The game revolves around the character Hype, who you play. Now, it may seem as though its a kiddy game, but in reality, I feel it actually has ...

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