One of the detective game in DS that I recommend

User Rating: 8.5 | Hotel Dusk: Room 215 DS
First impression is awesome, it is like a moving comical characters that you're gonna see. And for me it is the first game i have ever seen using that kind of graphic and gameplay.
You will be playing as an ex cop from New York, Kyle Hyde. You are gonna play for the whole game in the Hotel which name is Hotel Dusk and you will be staying in the room 215(duh..). Your job is not only eating and sleeping in this game,but to dig the truth about Kyle's long lost partner Bradley, and fortunately or maybe purposely all other guest in Hotel Dusk has something to do with Bradley mysterious disappearance.

This game adopts multi-ending gameplay, anything you say or do will effect the game result and it has a lot of places where you can game over easily. Basically if you pay attention to the game story you won't find it hard to get through and finish the game. The side games are fun and the interact between each character looks real if you play it for the first time.

Why you have to buy this game:
1. Innovative gameplay
2. Interactive graphic, different from another DS' detective game
3. A really good gamestory
4. You will forgot other detective game on DS you have played.

Something that doesnt fit:
1. The movement of character is too slow, especially in a room since it's are to run.
2. The first playthrough only offers a little to try than the 2nd