A Graphically Advanced Game that works on almost every computer there is, u dont need a cutting edge PC to play it .

The Good : Great Gameplay that makes you enter the Game as Gordan Freeman, as u fight ur way through alot of levels & alot of enemies . This game is very immersive , & so intense that it could make u forget ur self & forget the time around u . It's Single player part it alone very great & unmatched by many games out there on the market , yet HL2 offers it through a long 15 or 20 hr journy as u get along with the world that u are now playing in & get along with the new enviroment set to u . The Graphics are amazing , stunning , absolotly revolutionary , u could think that u need ur self a whole new Cutting Edge PC to play this game , yet it comes to have even a 2 or 3 yrs old system ( talking about 2000 , since thew game is released in 2004) so a 4 yrs old system can play this game without noticing any much of a lag , offcourse with having some options turned off , (that's right I'm talking about GeForce 440 & old ATi cards) . The Sounds are absolutly Marvalous , & they are the reason along the graphics & the gameplay that can immerse u in the game & make u feel a part of it, as to the voice acting , well it is just as real asif the characters are saying them from there mouths, u dont notice at all that someone is talking & those characters are only moving there mouths , they are actaully talking !!! that is hard hard work in sound & graphics & animation Excellent !!! .This Game is Revolutionary . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Bad : Even though the game is Great , yet it's story is still Complicated , like that what happend after the 1st HL , who in the heck is that Blue Suit Guy ( G-Man ) y does he disappear sometimes & appears someitmes in various places !! in what world i am in right now, this game offers a lot of questions that dont have answers at all , it is unknow , u'll be confused & unsure of what is going on around u , all of what u'll know is that u r now a part of the Resistance , What Resistance , dont ask i still dontudnerstand after 3 yrs of playing it !! . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Some Notes On The Game ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 - this is the game that revolutionized the graphics of Future games , & it's engine is used over many new games that are currently out in the market (Might & Magic Dark Messiah but its Texture's Engine is Enhanced , bu the GAme's Engine is still as that of HL2 ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2- it is the Game that have workd on systems that date back to 2000 , & that uses GeForce 440 MX idk + there ATi equivelant cards . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3- it's graphical engine also introduces HDRR( High Dynamic Range Rendering ) which made HL2 one of the 1st games that ever uses this technology of rendering if it really wasn't allready the 1st one to ever use it !!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4- it's story is still complicated , yet idk this might be thing from the Story of HL since thre is alot of expansions packs for this game to arrive ( HL2 Episode 1 & Episode 2 .,, idk Episode 3 etc.......... HL3 , the story still looks long ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 - I'm gonna give it's gameplay an 8 rather than 9 because i had alot headaches during playing this game , idk if it is only me , but each time i played this game i felt i was playing it just to finish, idk , but that doesn't change the fact of everything that I've written, so dont judge my review on the gameplay score , but judge it on what I've written -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 - I have this problem with the AI , were the Ai kept on getting disabled during the game which really made me annoyed during playing this game , this reallyeffected alot of things, such as the Long Leged Spider Moster wouls sometimes not follow me to were i should kill him , & sometimes the resistance not opening to me the doors that will make me pass to the next level , etc... but idk maybe thre is a patch to fix this all , ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 - Update the game to it's latest version before playing it . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finally i would like to say that this game is great , & playing this game will really make u feel a part of a whole new world that is yet to be discoverd by the next part . if u still didn't play this game yet (2007 so everyone have played it i think) but if u still didn't play it , then hurry up & get it & get it's expansion HL2 Episode 1 , u really dont want to miss a game like this ,