This is easily one of those games that deserves more attraction then it got. It was just PERFECT. EVERYthing came toge..

User Rating: 10 | Hostile Waters PC
My word, this is one of those games that just blows you away with what Its got.
It Hhas a BRILLIANT storyline, good graphics, immersive sound, smart A.I.
the perfect plot, and best of all, some of best characters any game will ever see. They just sucked you in and wouldn't let go. The story was so good that the cliffhanger ending deserves to be carried on. Too bad that the company went out of business. Anyway this game also has some of the coolest units, they kept me on my seat, trying to find out what I would get next, and boy did they deliver. From the Hornet to the Phoenix tand the Salamander for thr Rhino. they were just to cool. If any body knows any game along the lines of this one, please tell me somehow.