BattleZone, eat your heart out!

User Rating: 10 | Hostile Waters PC
Ever since I first laid eyes on this gem of a game I was hooked. This is a beautiful action-strategy hybrid of the same breed as BattleZone, minus the base construction element. Instead, Hostile Waters features a carrier vessel that can spit out a range of customizable and very capable vehicles to help you overcome the onslaught of your enemies. Fighting by your side are a handful of computer controlled personalities that you can order around either from the cockpit of your preferred vehicle or from an overhead map. You may also step into any vehicle at any given time to man the controls yourself.

As you rush through an imaginary Pacific archipelago the story is advanced little by little through elaborate cut scenes, becoming more and more twisted over the course of the game. Starting out a breeze the game soon turns into a desperate fight for survival, as your carrier comes under heavy attacks from very aggressive enemies. Fortunately the AI of your squad is so good that they do not require baby-sitting , unlike in so many other games.

To put it simply, Hostile Waters is one of the best game I have ever had the fortune to play. If you have the slightest love for fast paced action gaming you will find something to like about it.