This game has skull-on-a-dagger on it's package and "surely the Second Comming is at hand" in teaser. It's THA

User Rating: 9.6 | Hostile Waters PC
From the looks of games and history we think that one think is certain: humanity is doomed to make war while it exists. But in this game one war ended all wars. No, it didn't blow up every sentient person on Earth. It didn't look bad at all. But humanity ceased warring after it. Guns disappeared. Countries as such disapeared. There was only Earth and by the looks of things, some mild communism was running around (free food and energy as said in long cutscenes at the beginning. Oh, how long were they... anyway, if that ain't communism...). As the game proudly says "the world gone sane". But there were still old derelicts from the XX. century: Capitalists, industrialists an generals, who were not happy that they are obsolete. No one needs them because peace is smiling and orbital satellites are beaming free solar energy and nanobot filled vending machines at streets make waste into food and other usables. So the dinosaurs, called "The Cabal" by the good guys, decide that it's time to retake Earth. They build military forces both natural and artificial islands in the Pacific. They start launching rockets. What can the weaponless new world order do? Awaken the last of Adaptive Cruisers.
The mighty ships were gently left at the bottom of the ocean. When the need arose they managed to wake one of the, number 00 (two zeros - prototype), "Antaeus". Besides looking cool, it has enough nanites in it's Creation Decks to build any military unit instantly (as in "you push the build button and you get military unit faster then in a blink of an eye), provided it has enough resources. And here the Soulcatcher comes into play. During the last war this government program recorded the personalities of troops that perished. Now they can be put in military units to kill after death. That means an army made of individual soldiers. For example, Ransom is the first one you'll get and he's a bad ass combat chopper pilot and swears as hell. Sure, you can put him in tank, but that isn't his place. Paton is more suited for that and would complain if put into a chopper. But since there can be only one Random present at the time, the unit management is essential. Sure, empty units can be made, but they won't do stuff until you personaly use them. That's right: every unit in the game can (and sometimes must) be controled personaly in third person view. Also, as an innovation, while doing some work yourself you can also order other troops around by a nifty control system which is very handy.
The game itself is played like this: cutscene, briefing, building initial forces from initial resources (building a collector unit at the begining is a must) doing battle, blowing things up and sending the collector to gather resouces from killed enemies, buildings and stuff. Antaeus can recycle friendly units too, if they are in the right position. Enemy can make infinite amount of units while oil dericts are intact. That means infinite resources for skilled commanders. With oil derricks destroyed (and recycled) fuel tanks ... fuel... the factories. When the tanks and factories are down, enemy is going down too. While enemy will make ordinary units (Abrams tank, reckon choppers, Apache choppers, Mammoth tank (this one is nasty), artillery and some more "interesting" units later on, i don't want to spoil anything), Antaeus makes attack choppers, hover tanks, undetectable to radar buggies and such armed with miniguns, rockets, lasers (the games sniper rifle - it does have sniping ability), emp (if you manage to kill airborne units with this, it's one shot - one kill, or two... or three), artilery, cloaking shields and repair units... and chips with recorded personalities of dead soldiers.
These many details make this game an excellent mix of RTS and TPS witch all the right components: great visuals (explosions! Antaeus units and the shot itself), professionaly written plot, great sounds (individual for each of the deaders) and other great stuff. If you haven't played it yet, you must do it.