Hooligans Cheats For PC

  1. Multiple Dutch Version Cheats

    Press Control and then:

    - bereklauw = every selected unit gets better
    - boerenkoolmetworst = instant level loss
    - broodjekroket = more money
    - frietjewaterfiets = even more hooligans
    - frietjeoorlogmetuitjes = play with the cops
    - frikandel = more hooligans
    - kaassoufflé = get hooligans to a place quickly
    - kipkorn = every selected unit gets unconsciousness
    - mexicanosate = kill the selected hooligan(s)
    - shaslick = every selected unit gets a better weapon
    - stamppot = instant level win

    (I don't know whether these codes work for alternate language versions of the game. They do for the Dutch version of it)

    Contributed by: Eastpolar 

  2. More cheats

    Hold Control while typing these to make them work.

    hamburger - God mode
    vlammetjes - Kill the selected character

    Contributed by: Hammerite Heretic