Not the best movie to video game adaptation but still make for a pretty fun experience.

User Rating: 7.5 | Hook SNES
This is another obscure game I chose to play for the Super Nintendo because as a kid one of my friends had this game and I used to really think this was a great game so I figured why not play it now and see what I think about it and that's exactly what I did. Well first off let me say that I did see Hook as a kid but only once and I don't remember much of it so I can't really say if it follows the story as much as it should so I will be talking more about just the game then the story. So there was actually a Nintendo game called Hook by the same company who made this game Sony, and yes Sony made games for Nintendo before they started to make their own hardware and software. Well the one on the Nes is a sidescroller and its absolutely horrible and broken, so Sony got a second chance on the Super Nintendo to make a better version of it and that's exactly what they did for the most part.

Basically Hook is what it was on the Nintendo a sidescroller but much better than its predecessor. The controls are good but could of used a little more tweaking when you jump you go into a very delayed jump that makes for good control when you are trying to jump on certain platforms however it slows the game down and I just wish it wasn't as slow but it's not too bad and also your main slash attack is really slow in fact there are many times when you will need Peter to attack fast and he won't respond as fast and again like I said I wish they would of sped it up a little more. The graphics and level design are really good and nice looking and the music is also quite good so Hook does have quite a charm to it and makes it for a pretty fun adventure but it's too bad it's so short, it's only seven levels and only about four of them have bosses, and most of the bosses are hit and miss, some of them are fun and challenging while others are uninspired wastes. One thing that pissed me off about this game is that there isn't a password system I get that this isn't the longest game ever but it isn't the shortest game ever either may I ask why it was so taboo too not have something to save your progress. Also one thing that does kind of make up for no password system though is that there are unlimited continues so there is fair challenge in this game for the most part but there are no checkpoints throughout most of the levels meaning if you die once you must start at the beginning of the level but while this is not the greatest ever there isn't an overwhelming challenge to the game so I guess it's acceptable and also if you get too the boss it will save at that point until you lose all your lives and have to continue so again that's not bad.

The final boss is no one other than Hook, Three hits and it's over wait no its not hook comes back to fight you and three more hit's and he's done for, it makes for an alright boss but nothing too special and then you have the ending I won't spoil anything but it was actually pretty good, I liked it. Overall Hook isn't the most memorable game on the Snes but for what it is, it's makes for a pretty fun game every level is designed nice and I felt like even though it was short it still had a charm through the game that kept me playing it. It's not the best game you could play on the Super Nintendo but it does make for some fun. So if you want to try a decent obscure game for the Snes that I would say that this is a game worth getting.