This game was even more challenging than the normal release just before it. Playing as Vergil was a treat.

This offered more than the normal release of DMC3. For the brave, there is a new very hard modes which is just as challenging if not more than the Dante Must Die mode found in the previous installment of DMC3. Playing as Vergil offered a few changes in the game play. He was a completely different character, not just a repaint of Dante. Although playing through the game as Verigl would have been more enjoyable if he had a separate story line rather than just playing through Dante's, this minor downside was made up for for the sheer amount of extras; including secret outfits that are more than just an incentive to become skilled at this game. If you were one who had been turned away from the series because of the lackluster DMC2, this game should more than make up for the mistake that had been made. Play this game at all costs.