A quick review on this quality game....thats npw a budget title.

User Rating: 8.3 | Homeworld 2 (BestSeller Series) PC
Im going through a bit of a phase of buying quality 2002+ games for under £10.

And this is quality. I found it a bit difficult to get used to. There is a lot going on and if your not used to this type of game, ull be spending quite a while getting used to controls, but once you do, they are set up very well to navigate across the large battles.

The game still looks goood, and of course will play seemlessly now as all the patches are out and PCs have moved on a bit.

I like the feel of this game, they way it loks and its movie elliment. Despite being linear and a bit hard (they way you progress is to keep playing levels until you learn how to do it!!)

But overall its definetly worth a purchase....expecially now.