The best space ship strategy game human ever make.

User Rating: 10 | Homeworld 2 (BestSeller Series) PC
I am never finish this game but it is still number one in my heart, if there is a single weak point in this game, it should be "It is too hard".

The design is very refine in every ship from the tiny to a mother ship class (personally, it is better than STARWAR). The technology is very making sense in my point of view.

The camera control is extremely amazing with zoom or rotates however the best thing about this game is "You can view every thing during the battle without interrupt the strategy of game playing".

The graphic is very advance in every detail: Explode, astrology phenomenal, the illuminate gas and much more (It is quit perfect at the day it is released)

The artist teams get 100 points in concept sketching which hade been showed in the cut scene.

What more do you ask for?