User Rating: 9.5 | Homeworld 2 (BestSeller Series) PC
THis is a good game to buy, and don't listen to Karmafarmer's 4.4 review. The games AI DOES send wave after wave of units to attack you...on hard mode. Begginers can enjoy the games easy mode, where the Ai will only send one or two weak attacks that allow you to become comfortable with the game. Graphics: there have been better, but no one buys RTS games for their graphics anyway, so why should you care. The game has beautiful explosion and detailed spacecraft, but sometimes the games frame rate drops in multiplayer, but thats no big deal Gameplay: Very solid and easy to use. I myself never played the original Homeworld, but was able to easily step into the game and get right to playing and creating massive (and cool looking) armies/navies in no time. Sound: excellent sound effects, explosions and laser fire are top-notch. I would have preferred some variation in unit aknowledgments like in Warcraft 3 and other RTS', but oh well. Value: Great, good campaign inifite replay value online, and you can always arange player vs. CPU games whenever you want on the variety of maps. In all, this game is fantastic, worth the money because of its addictive and unique gameplaye, simple controls, and flawless execution of all the rest. GO ahead and get it.