Has great potential as a new series, but as bait for more, too short.

User Rating: 7.5 | Homefront PC
(Warning contains spoiler)
Let's talk Homefront....personally I really liked the story, the characters were engaging, and the combat at times can get furious. What's not to like? Too short!! I was begging for more, and now after several months waiting, I have gotten impatient waiting for a sequel.The story, (involving invasion of the United States) where I have seen this...oh lets see, Modern Warfare 2, Battefield 2, has this been done before? Yes, but I did like the premise of depicted brutality and euthenasia of American citizens that added a desired hatred to want to defend the Homefront, and repel the enemy.One particular scene where they are loading bodies into a large hole dug into a High School football field still stands out and one of the more shocking scenes in this game, in fact it increases your desire to fight and continue on into the story. I really think they do have potential with this game...I'm just waiting for the second add-on. (give it a try...not too bad really.)