What's Not To Like

User Rating: 8 | Homefront PC
I like this game....alot.
The game play isn't original. The weapons aren't ground breaking. It's almost a direct clone in many ways of the Modern Warfare series (aside from the setting and subject matter)...and you know what? WHO GIVES A DAMN...it's just plain fun.
It's graphically impressive. Even more impressive in some ways than COD MW3.
Weapons are rendered in huge detail and are satisfying to shoot.
For the army of Modern Warfare zombies out there, you will pick up Homefront and not miss a beat...every action, every control scheme and every button assignment is a clone of COD.
Normally you would say thats a bad thing and criticize the game for not being original.....in this case it's a huge bonus....You could even call homefront Modern Warfare 4 if you want...considering how polished MW is that's a huge compliment.
There's another way to look at it too. MW games are just too damn expensive..ridiculously so....its frustrating when you go into EB or gamestop expecting to see the price come down and MW3 is still $99.
I picked up Homefront for $20, and considering that i find it as fun, if not better in some ways than MW then you have a winner on your hands in my book.

There only thing that I found slightly off putting is the heavy handed message in the campaign story line.
I like Americans in general but I am not one....I come form a fairly neutral and peaceful country....Alot of the sentiments in this game feel like propaganda to me...so much so that im wondering if video games have become the new propaganda. Sure, north Korea is not a place of peace and happiness, the united nations has a tough time trying to deal with that country and it's bad track record and human rights violations, but is a video game that kids will most definitely play the right place to be talking about this. The game creates fictitious examples of gross human rights violations and then the main characters respond by saying 'I'm gonna kill all you Korean mother-f**kers"

Still .... it's a great game...aside from the hate messages.
Also i was freaked out when the game practically predicted Kim Jong Ils death right down to the year at the begining...this game was released before his death.....freaky stuff......Buy this game..it's cheap and it rocks