A horribly over scripted game that locks you into silly rushed assaults and infinite enemy reinforcements.

User Rating: 5.5 | Homefront PC
Whilst the graphics are fine and the controls work, the overly scripted game play spoils the game and makes replaying the game really annoying, really boring and really predictable.
Poor confined level designs, cheap and nasty short cuts, goofy infinite reinforcements pouring out from just a few spawn points, annoying limited ammo (annoyingly different for every single gun), which require silly charges to stop the flow.
Play it once and pass it on never to replay it again, definitely only a bargain bin special.
No stealth, no stalking, no thinking, an obvious gaming console port that would have been better confined to game consoles.
Makes you feel like a rat in maze only allowed one path out and once you know it, you'd rather bite level designers hand rather than repeat the boring maze.