A beat'em up game faithful to the history, Hokuto no Ken might get repetitive but still addictive and fun to play.

User Rating: 8.7 | Hokuto no Ken PS
The first thing I noticed on this game is that if you're familiar with the history of Hokuto No Ken (A.K.A. Fist of the North Star), the fact that everything's in Japanese will definitely not get in your way. The stages and dialogues follow the story with high fidelity and help you get the atmosphere of the game. Tons of enemies every stage make sure you have a lot of beating to deliver, and although there aren't too many combos to learn, mastering the few won't be so hard to do.

All of Kenshiro's enemies and allies are there. Once you've defeated one of them, he or she will be available for a 2-player match in the main menu. Some will require special conditions to be unlocked, so you might have to play the ir stages and or fight them again, but the conditions aren't so difficult to guess or meet. Each one has his/her own skills and combos, so thery're worth checkong out.

The music is rather weak (of course I'm not talking about the opening song, it rocks!!) but it will entertain you. The sound is great, all of Kenshiro's "atatatatatatata" are there and it makes you feel how powerful he is.

I was very sad to know there wouldn't be an English version of this game, but Hokuto no Ken is very famous not only in Japan, but in Europe as well. If you're familiar to Kenshiro, this is a must-pick-up game. If you're not, it still might be quite fun to play, the only problem you'll have is to endure the enormous amount of Japanese dialogues that tell the story between every stage and scene.