Funny casual game, very replayable through a multitude of maps and challenges.

User Rating: 9 | Hoard PC
Did you ever wonder what was a life of Smaug, before this nasty hobbit came in?
What were all this bad dragons doing in Majesty, so that they gathered such awesome treasures for plunder?

Now it is time to see! Or better - do yourself!

This is not a deep game, but behind a simple mechanics there is a lot of fun, while you master tactics of plundering caravans, burning knights and kidnapping princesses!

It is a simple arcade game, that you let's you spend this 15 minutes after lunch to quickly pace your brain back to work mode, or you could spend your evening with, unbothered by need to learn all complexities of hard-core games.

Fast-paced arcade requires you to make quick decision of whom to plunder, what to burn, and at all times keep an eye on competing dragons.

So this is a game of trade-offs, and a guilty pleasure of destroying are these goodie heroes that occasionally pester you in the other games.