Tip for display error (PAL60) on Blood Money

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For those having troubles getting Blood Money to run, you need to:

1. Remove the HDMI cable

2. Connect to your panel via a standard xbox component or composite cable

3. Restart the console and go into SETTINGS>DISPLAY and change res so you get the prompt to test PAL 50 and PAL 60. When it asks you if PAL 50 is tested correctly, select NO. This will put the console into "only ever use PAL 60" mode.

4. Shut down the console, disconnect the composite/component cable and reattach the HDMI cable.

5. Change your resolution back to 1080p, 720p or whatever you want it at.

Game should then work.

I've done an hour of testing, there is no way to get Blood Money to run on HDMI with newer HDTVs without using the composite/component cable method so don't bother trying !!!


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since the developers weren't able to fix this they won't get my money ..

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It's just laziness. They must have known it would cause issues but just chose to toss the game as is on a disk. Poor form. 1000
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you the man..... This really works, almost got rid of the game, thanks :D