Once again Square make a fantastic game!

This time round the setting has changed a far cry from the usual final fantasy settings. What really sets this game apart from its predecessors is the battle scenes. No more repetitive opening and closing scenes for each and every battle. The battles take place live, in the sense that you can see your enemy on the field, and then choose to fight or avoid. This helps to create a more seamless experience. As usual with final fantasy games, the game is slightly non-linear, allowing you to stop of f on your main quest to undertake numerous side-quests.
Overall I quite like this game. Great, involving story. Smooth, submersive gameplay. While I always expect the next Final Fantasy VII, this game more than holds its own with all the current batch of RPGs. One aspect that missing from this game, and from a lot of final fantasy games, is the lack of carrying your abilities over from a previously cleared game, like final fantasy X-2. Still, I've currently racked up over 130 hours +, and have really enjoyed playing this game. If you are a fan of final fantasy, you will like this game.