The game is only good for the multi-player. Campain is a real bore. |-) Rent first before You buy.

The campain had some flaws in it. Some of the flaws would include when you die you just spawn at your HQ with your character as if nothing had happened to him. The story line of the game was okay but it was very short. On the upper hand the games multiplayer is very well done. The multi-player mode is amazing due to the amount of people that can play on the map. Some of the maps have up to 64 people playing on a map battling it all out. The game could have also had the accuracy of the guns a little better. The vehicles in the game are great and fun to use especially when running over other soldiers. The fun part about the game would be the weapon classes and the the secondary weapons you get. The weapons range from assault rifles to shotguns. Some secondary weapons are you get mini robots to use and you also get to set up turrets from a wide variety. The multi-player has different class types. The different class types are ground support which includes A fusion cutter to reapai vehicles, and turrets. Emp class which includes emp waves, emp turret, and a emp rocket launcher. Air support class which includes precision air strike, cluster bomb, and call in gun ship. Frontlines fuel of war is only good for the multi-player unless you're the type of guy who enjoy doing campain. If you don't have Xbox live on your system i would recommend to rent this game and not to purchase it since the campain is short and it is a big yawn. |-)