The first Hitman game I have ever played and I love it!

User Rating: 9.2 | Hitman: Contracts PS2
This game is cool in so many ways. I have never played a Hitman before this and only played this because I thought it was the only other one (besides Blood Money) So I desided to play it before trying Blood Money. I have to say it has taking my gaming experience to a new level. I like trying to be stealthy and sly. I also like changing clothes to get in and out of different places. I have never seen that in a game before. The weapons are sweet and Agent 47 is just stone cold cool! I love that you can play each mission any way you want, total free roaming. If you want to play it stealth and get the better score you can, if you want to just run in and kill everyone, you can. The replay value is good too. If you don't beat every mission and get Stealth Assassin, you can always play again and get the cool secret weapons you missed. I have to say I am glad I rented this and now own it and can not wait to play Blood Money and future Hitman games.