Dense and bold. A steatlh game like no other!

I don´t know what´s happening with the game press. Games without hype are judged in a very strict way while hyped game are received with arms wide open.

Velvet Assassin does not reinvent the wheel in game mechanics. But the mood of the experience is incredible. It´s a very dark game. A WWII story that does not portrait heroism. There´s no glamour in such a terrible thing as a war.

It´s not a game for the action fans. The pace is very slow, the gunplay is sluggish. But the level design, the visual artistic direction and the soundtrack are absolutely spot on.

Give a chance to this game. It´s an artistic experience, less blockbuster, more european cinema like experience.

If you want a dark and grim world war experience, if you don´t expect a Call of duty game you will surely have a great time with Velvet Assassin.

SOUND: 9,0
FUN: 9,5