Good in '04 not so hot in '06.

If your just playing this game now you should buy it for $10 instead of renting it. Splinter Cell: PT has fairly good graphics and gameplay. If you like stealth with a little gunning here and there this is your game. Stealth is key to completing objectives and missions. The story of PT is another terrorist leader with an evil plan and you have to stop it. The earlier missions in Paris and on trains are more fun than the middle/later missions in Indonesia because the A.I. is more interesting and you get through checkpoints in a fun way other than having to constantly load because you fail the mission. The A.I. can be a hassle at times with weird animations and off cue voice acting. The weapons in PT are your standard pistol and high-tech rifle which is cool but those are the only weapons you get through the whole game. The multiplayer of Pandora Tommorow was ground breaking in '04 but is nothing compared to Choas Theory's MP and can have some connecting problems. Overall, Pandora Tommorow was fun in '04 but just isn't as fun 2 years later.