This game was a major dissapointment.

User Rating: 5.7 | Hitman: Contracts PS2
Hitman: Contracts doesn't even come close to the hype. While the past two pushed the envelope and delivered some great gameplay, this one just recycles a lot of the same levels and makes minor upgrades that don't amount to much. Gameplay: Dated controls and a change from stealthy gameplay to run-and-gun gameplay make this a disappointment to say the least. Graphics: Quite nice actually and the high point of this title along with the soundtrack. Lighting is quite nice, but some of the animations are still ridiculous. Sound: A excellent soundtrack along with some good voiceovers. Value: Simply put this game is a rental only. There's really no reason to replay this as your already replaying a lot of old levels that have been minorly upgraded. Final Thought: Pick this up only after you've rented. I doubt many will want this after a few days of playing though.