User Rating: 7.3 | Hitman: Contracts PS2
An interesting follow-up to the previous PS2 Hitman game, all but the last mission are actually flashbacks to the events previous to the serialized cut-scenes before each mission, with the last being the only actual "in the present" mission, to the point where you start off with 2 of 4 objectives already complete. The controls are the same and the weapons are nothing new to the genre. Graphically, there seems to be no upgrade to the first game, but there didn't really need to be. The sound is fine, as it should be. Most of the missions give several interesting options to complete your goals, including using poisons and laxatives. You can "run-and-gun" if you choose, but exceptionally steathly play is the real goal, is more challenging, and will unlock weapons to replay missions with. You'll probably want to play on Expert level. Normal mode is far too easy and Professional borders on the impossible. Later missions become a little bit more "memorize where people will be so you can bypass them after you inevitably die" than they should, but doesn't detract too much. Overall, this is a competent, good game that neither lets down nor exceptionally thrills.