A gift from the heavens.

I have been a fan of Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior since it's original
debut back in the late 80s. This game definitely stays true to the
original formula that has made every sequel thereafter a success.

This game has very awesome graphics, I can't help it that I'm an
Akira Toriyama fan and that the game feels like I'm playing a
miedieval version of Dragon Ball Z complete with sound effects.
The graphics are awesome; the characters have, well, character!
and the RPG elements are all there. The game has also incorporated
what other RPGs seem to be making a trend of - creating your own
items through either invention or "alchemy pots". This adds much
value as the combinations and "recipes" for items can be
overwhelming yet fun - can't wait to discover them all.

It would've been nice if we were to be treated to a special version
of DQ1 to DQ6 by finding "special" and "hard to find" items. Nevertheless
this game is a must buy for hardcore RPGers or people who wish
to start RPGing with an immersive game.