San Andreas is just AMAZING!!!

Rockstar is one of my fav. game co.'s, and this one by far the most intense and awesome in the series. You now have the option to customize yourself along with your rides you drive. I'll break down the review into sections like so.

The Gameplay: The gameplay has always been very strong and fluid with minor framrate issues. One of the new things in SA is the ability to change the way your character looks, and this effects the gameplay as well which is very well done, say you are fat and always get fast food, your stamina will be poor and you'll have a hard time running from the cops or any other baddies you get mad. The combat sytem in this game is pretty deep as well, you can learn different fighting styles from the various towns you'll travel to. The gun targeting system is a bit improved but still hard to precisely aim at the person when there are a lot of things going on.
The missions are more varied too, it helps with a very interesting and fun new crime lords and other mismatches. Overall the gameplay is a 10/10

Graphics: They are still very good for the PS2 and a bit better than VC's in my opinion. The lighting is really nice and textures on everything are smooth. Overall the graphics are 8/10

Sound: The cars are really crisp and sound right when driving. The guns all sound impressive, all have their own unique sprays are are crisp and clean. The voice-acting is very well done, Rockstar always gets top actors to play some unique role. Overall the sound gets 10/10

The overall value of the game is huge, there are tons of missions, customizations and things to do that will be fun everytime. Every GTA game ups the ante and SA delivers well beyond anything yet.