Good game.. but needs something more.. Oh yeah.. MORE CONTENT

Good game overall.. especially how it comes with the Wii.
Some of the games take time to get used to though..
I also wish that players can get skill points after playing mulitplayer matches.

Tennis-9/10-Would love to see more courts.. the 2 courts can get a bit repetitive.
Baseball-8/10-Controls are a bit awkward.. but it's fun to play.
Boxing-7/10-Controls are a bit awkward.. music is annoying. Good with 2 players..
Bowling-9/10-Good.. Nothing really to complain about. Takes time to get used to but it is fun.
Golf-2/10-The point of playing this is? The controls are awkward.. the gameplay is boring.. just like golf actually if.

Can't wait for Wii Play though.. Hopefully more content it added.