STAY AWAY STAY AWAY!!!! AHHH A BAD remake of a great movie turned into a video game. AHHHH the HORROR!

This is the biggest disaster ever. This is what possibly could have been a great game. This is such a terrible way to transform from a movie to a game. Hypothetically speaking of course. I would say defenetly rent this. Dont buy this game unless you see it used at the rental store for 20 bucks. Theres no online play and you defenetly can't download anything. I dont see this game ever being anygood ever. the acheivments are way to time consuming and take away from the really short game play. Wish it told a little more about the story and brung a little more from the movie. The movie soundtrack could have been more incorporated and more with the moive story. Not so many little robots that you never saw in the movie. Im glad I rented this.