Black Ops 2 multiplayer and campaign is nothing new, but Zombies' still packs a punch.

Fun Multiplayer.
The Campaign is arguably the best in the series.
Zombies Is fun and fast paced.

Been there, done that game play.
Innovation lacks in everything aside from Zombies.
Mediocre story line.

The campaign was anything but riveting. Though certain portions of the game were quite fun. I mean, who doesn't like hacking someones arm off with a machete? Explosions and bullets riddle the battlefield. But even with all of that, The Campaign is easily beaten on Veteran. Multiplayer is the same old Call of Duty that we all know. The maps aren't too bad, but they're nothing special. Zombies has to be my favorite part of Black Ops 2. Maps are interesting, and some might even say innovative. A couple of innovative maps would include: Transit, Die Rise, and Mob of the Dead. They're Interesting, and sometimes almost scary as you get lost within the maps. Overall, I'm giving Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, 7.5 zombie head shots out of 10. Thanks for reading.