Seriously, Who are you guys trying to kid? Not a good game. DO NOT BUY.

Sucky controls, sucky camera, sucky animation and even suckier storyline!
Steer clear of this game if you are ANY sort of an old school fan of games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Condemned..EVEN the original Alone In The Darks..this will let you down from a great height!

The game sort-of starts out promising and then turns dire..every enemy pretty much must be killed with fire...why? Who knows!! Next is the controls...a huge let down and unless you have a pen and paper and can read maps..you'll struggle..Granted it does get easier to use after a few levels but generally not well done!! Not to mention the shocking handling of the cars.

The Camera angles..don't get me started! An original Playstation game about a ball filled with camera's rolling down a hill, where you only see what the cameras see, would have BETTER angles than this pile of crap!
Some might be thinkin that i'm pretty negative about this game but havin been working for Blockbuster Games and having to plug it to customers, you kinda get built up with the hype about it..so sure, i played it, i PLAYED to level 5 (it has a function where you can skip to the end of the game/next level if you get stuck) and i'd had enough, didnt really get stuck, the puzzles are really really easy and offers nothing but problems.

Rent it if you must, Buy it at your peril!!