Another masterpiece by Kojima, the prequel to the previous MGS entries does not dissapoint as the series continues...

Snake Eater in one word - masterpiece. But then again, when has Hideo Kojima (who brought us the MG and MGS series) truly dissapointed us with his games in general? What Lucas is to Star Wars, Hideo is to MGS as he delivers yet another brilliant sequel to the franchise. This time however, the player gets to control one of the most contraversial characters in Metal Gear Solid - Naked Snake a.k.a. Big Boss. The man who was the villain in the Metal Gear series is now the hero who 's mission is to rescue a russian scientist during the Cold War. But all goes wrong and alliegances are broken as his mentor, The Boss, defects to the Soviet Union. After those events, Naked Snake is left with another mission soon after that - his primary objective concerning the russian scientist has not changed, but another is added- he must kill the Boss. Packed with unique tactical-espionage gameplay and beautiful graphics, assisted by great music and sounds, this game is a must-have for all MGS and non-MGS fans.