a must have for any gamecube owner!

let me start by saying, buy it! sure Ill go through the whole review deal but just to be clear on my message, buy it!

introduction time. super smash bros. melee is a hectic game that features nintendos classic heros and villains fighting against each other in truely beautifully designed worlds. the combat is a kind of side by side afair, not a split screen in sight, but far from limiting the game it just adds for some unique gameplay that you can easily keep you hooked for months.

ok lets talk single player. there are three real single player modes classic, adventure and all star. classic is just a small set of battles and minigames not really anything to write home about, but fun. adventure takes your character through some side scrolling locales and battles that if you know anything about nintendos history your bound to recognize at least one of these. they include but are not limited to mushroom kingdom, a zelda dungeon and brinstar. all star which unlocks when you unlock every character, pits you against the games entire cast. there are also some minigames like hit the targets and such even. so you can have loads of fun even when your playing alone.

ah multiplayer, the games shining star. what could be better than beating the sense out of your friends with your favorite videogame hero? nothing. there are several different modes to multiplayer ranging from regular melee to supersized to invisible! ultimately these extra modes are fun but nothing that compares to the regular in my mind. you can even just set 3 computer players against you for quick single player action. although I dont have too much more to say about it the game more than speaks for itself.

the rating. smash bros. has a T for its fighting I doubt many people would find it offensive. the action is kept very clean, no blood splats or anything so like I said its something almost nobody would get offended with.

brawl or melee? which to buy? well if you only have a gamecube its not that hard to pick, but for you wii users out there, I would still pick smash over brawl. yes brawl has some new characters and bells and whistles and all that, but in my mind the characters are a little too toned down ( thats just a personal opinion so brawl lovers just chill). thats not to say brawl isnt a great game just not my choice.

in summary this belongs in every gamedube owners collection, so run to the nearest store that would have it! or type and click really fast to a site that would sell it.