The horror point and click adventure with deep story of love and despair.

Theresia is a horror point and click adventure game. But not in "Monster, killing, bloody" way. In fact, the atmosphere, music and the story support the genre of horror strongly. In this game there are two stories: Dear Emile and Dear Martell which available after you finished "Dear Emile" story.

The theme of two stories are illness of a spreading virus that kill infected people. So because of this the characters of two stories begin with amnesia affected by the virus.

So basically, the objectives are find the memory and survive.
I have to say... the stories are very deep that showed the love of a daughter to her mother and despair of a doctor and these two were enough to emphasis me to play to learn the truth and conclusion.

As this game is point and click adventure, you need to explore and find any items to escape and find the lost memories. However... the gameplay feels a bit shallow because this game also includes other than just one click of what to do and move on - you have to move by yourself for example, in the hallway and this might be annoying sometime because when i was playing this game i did a lot go and come back with a lot walking. As i said you need to survive... there are many hidden traps that can be actived when you interacted with certain items; there are so many that it can be dragging you to investigate.

The 3D graphic of this game is not even close to the limit of the DS. However illustrates are very nicely done.

As this game is horror game... the music is very creepy and perfect for horror game.

So if anyone looking for a game with deep story and the horror theme of point and click adventure, then this game can be worth to try.