Resident Evil 5

This is the reason I got the PS3 so quick, I was so satisfied with RE4 and played it multiple times then seeing this improvement with the graphics, gameplay and fun multiplayer I just had to buy it.

I'm a huge Resident Evil fan and I know many would agree that this doesn't have the best story but its satisfying. Characters changed but I found it interesting because it's more real.

*Gameplay 9/10
It remains with it's tradition, you can't walk and shoot and it's ok but it does take away a lot of your freedom (changing control type will give you more freedom). This one has much more melee's then RE4 which is lot's of fun. Also the new multiplayer is amazing, you must support each other and help when someone is either out of ammo, dying, caught etc etc. It's very exciting.
(This also includes Playstation Move support)

*Graphics 9/10
Everything looks stunning in RE5, it really made me want to explore more. Characters looks amazing too.

*Sound 8.5/10
Everything is sounding great, voice acting is amazing. The background music isn't as eerie as some previous RE but it fits well.

*Value 9.5/10
I have been playing RE5 for such a long time now, to me it was addictive. Gold Edition is much more worth but you can still get the content for RE5.

*DLC & Other 9/10
All DLC are in Gold Edition...
-Versus is fun (especially if you changed the control type) but it can be annoying at times, RE5 wasn't created for it well.
-Mercenaries is as great as always, alone or with a partner.
-Mercenaries Reunion is not a good reunion, RE fans can agree. What's a reunion without Jill Valentine & Wesker?
-Lost In Nightmares is a little closer to the horror & survival but so short. I was glad to see Chris & Jill work together again, it's a fun mini game and worth playing.
-Desperate Escape is more action-type like the normal RE5, it seemed longer and it's fun. Going through different places refreshes the game (just like LIN)

*Resident Evil 5: GE Final Score 9/10
RE5 is not your classic RE, not even close but still so fun. It's not a horror game neither more action. The fixed camera's were great but this gives you more freedom to explore, RE can still be what it was without fixed camera's but it seemed that survival horror wasn't on their mind. Stepping in this game with a partner really makes it more worth and fun.