Deadly Premonition is more of an experiance than a game.

I was at GamesStop one day and i saw this game on the shelf looking at me as if it was a shiny dime amungst a pile of filthy pennies. Games like this draw my attention becasue i'm really into horror games. expecialy inovative ones.. but anyways. i never got the game cause i heard bad things.. but one day i was on a web site and saw that it was becoming something of a cult classic.. i figured it must have something going for it so i got it for about 17 bucks and it was easily one of the best game purchases i have ever made.

DP might not have todays standard of graphical eye candy but there is more to this game than just visuals. As the game comes along you will need to eat, sleep,shave, clean your cloths, interact with towns people, and solve one of the best cases ever thought up.

As you go about figuring out who the Raincoat killer is you will be able to explor and even look in the windows of towns people just to see what they are doing. you can do side missions and purchase items at shops also. this game is in no way simply a linier game when it comes to how you play.

the shooting and mele combat get the job done. and the controlls are about the same. the cars controle a little awkwardly but it's not that big of a problem unless you want to make a quick sharp turn.. in which case you will learn and adapt to the car's controlls.

All in all deadly Premonition is a great game that should be enjoyed by anyone looking for something more in a game. something deeper. DP is more of an experiance than a game.