could be better

Hi, guys!Today I'm gonna review Hunted: The Demon's Forge!
Single-Player is not very "original"! You don't have to play 30 h to see that. I've played those kinda games before.
EX: Army Of Two: The 40 th Days
Now H:TDF i'd say, no offense, that is a "copy" of Army Of Two. You can do different actions with your friend( opening doors, give commands to your partner etc.). After me, this game Should be only MP because:
1. It's more fun
2. You don't have to give commands and worry about your friend's "place"
2.Story and Game play:
The story is kinda dry. "Hard" to understand and "Hard" to "execute". I hoped the Game play was a little intense and exciting, but instead I found it BORING because:
1. Too much combat
2. Even the combat is "kinda" dry because:
a. Almost/Only same monsters.
b. Monsters are kinda hard to defeat.
c. The aiming with the bow Isn't too "good"(if you know what i mean)
The story begins in the woods where they are trying to found something for their client. Ok I get it, but then it suddenly changes and you realize that you have to accomplish something else. From this results that the story "begins" from the middle of the game.HI5. If there wasn't a button that shows the curse, I will play days to reach the checkpoint I reached in 2-3 h. I think that i pressed that button 100 times.
Ok here ends my review. HI5 and goodbye.