without lock-on system and bad fras. camera angel. make this game just perfect!!!!!!!!!

best psp game ever played!!!!!!!!!! without the lock on sys. and bad fras. camera angel make this game kinda hard. and infact that make this game really great!!!! It really kinda give you the feeling that you really hunting down the monsters!! with really cool 6ft tall swords and all that!!! (think about it!!! if you really gonna hunt the monster you probably need weapons like that !!!) great presentation. And also if there was a lock-on system, the game would be so easy,it leaves no challenges what so ever!!!!!! But I do understand some people giving low scores. first of all, this game in not level up system, you have to learn how to fight. You can upgrade your weapons and armors, but same time, you have to keep thinking what kinda tactics you gonna use to hunt down the monsters(especially bosses ) . If you dont like to stress,and jus wanna hack-n-slash, i really dont recommend this game.