Nothing more than an average endorsement product

I championed both the Wii & the DS for their unique selling points over their competitors better graphics & built in doo-da's & Nintendo have been rewarded lavishly by the market for their innovation.I love games on the DS which allow me to use the stylus & microphone in a unique manner but now we see that Nintendo are failing to maintain such innovations as they are now clutching at straws with what to do with that damn stylus. I delight in the use in the stylus on games such as Metroid Prime: Hunters & Zelda & the Phantom Hourglass but this is unnecessary for this game yet it is annoyingly still used. As was pointed out by the game spot review in the sprinting games rubbing the stylus really quickly will allow you to win but it will also scratch your screen if you are not careful. If you have played some of the more serious games in the Olympic series that didn't involve an Italian plumber or a giant Blue hedgehog like Athens then the basic mechanics as to how to perform in the events are still there, you are still tapping things in time & hammering away at 2 buttons as fast as possible so nothing really new but of course this being a bit fictitious non Olympic games are also included in a series of events termed "dream events" none of which are more than poor ideas on how to make the game a little more innovative but here they are just clutching at straws & the game just feels like a collection of sports related mini games riding on the back of the previous successes of the 2 main characters.