a very solid hitman release.

User Rating: 8.9 | Hitman: Blood Money X360
Hitman: Blood Money is the latest hitman release in the franchise, and I would have to say it is indeed a solid one. It seems as though the developers went out of their way to fix most of the things fans had a gripe about. Its as different from the last one (contracts) as Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow was from Chaos Theory.

The graphics are not amazing persay, all the male models are built from one, yet certain textures are very convincing. The AI still occasionally just freaks out and opens fire, and it would be nice since a majority of this is in the US if they instead tried to detain number 47 instead of opening fire on the streets of mardi gras. They must have gunned down at least five innocent ppl.

However for those of you wondering if the suspicion meter is the same as it was in Hitman 2, its not. Hitman 2 had nearly impossible points due to that ridiculous meter freaking out all the time. This one is pretty manageable so long as you avoid doing stupid things.

The Ability to upgrade your weapons (some of them) is a really nice touch. However I dont understand why you would put a scope on a spas 12 shotgun...
but the upgrades for the M4 carbine, MP5, and Silverballers are very entertaining. Other cool weapons featured are the Bull .408 (non upgradeable unfortunately) and a variety of other MP weapons.

The missions will keep you on your toes, and boggle your mind when you realize how easy most of them are, especially early on. Once you figure out where to go, (thats the challenge, and it is a challenge) missions can be over in 10 - 15 min. However with the new newspaper features and the notoriety system Hitman has plenty of replayability. And trying to figure out your own ways to score an assassination without the whole world coming down on top of you is extremely exciting. There are of course countless ways to get things done.

The sound is very well done. The guns sound very good, especially the m4, and the music fits with the gameplay as well.

All in all, if you are a fan of the hitman series, or even new to it, this is a great game to get. It will keep you coming back for more time and time again.

Upgradeable weapons
notoriety system makes for more challenge
AI improved from last two hitman games
Newspaper tells your story after the hit
Shoot locks to open doors
new body disposal system (back of a garbage truck anyone?)
there are a few more, but you will have to play the game to discover what they are.