Loving it!!!! One of the best steal and assassin game to date!

User Rating: 9.4 | Hitman: Blood Money PC
Regardless of what the reviewers and other say and rate the latest game of Hitman, personally, I LOVED it. I have been a fan for MGS and SC series, but I find that Hitman is more live like and realistic than MGS and SC. Not that I am saying Hitman is better, but Hitman adds a different dimension to the genre. It is more to do with civilians' affairs than military operations and i do think it is only Hitman that can fill that gap in the market. The likes of mission impossible, syphon filters, manhunt, tomb raider and the lot simply just do not have a 'feel' and sense of being an 'assassin'. All in all, things like hiding in sand are just different form of stealth but I would think the idea of changing identity in Hitman is even more intelligent and have more twist. I would say if Hitman can be more gore (violence and blood) in it, it would be the best game of the year for me!

My rating of the game its 9.5 out of 10. The 0.5 left is to encouraging the developer for future 'progression' of the game and not saying the existing has any problems. What a fabulous game!!