Awesome. If you are an old-school Castlevania fan you need this game.

I admit. When I bought this game, I did it because I knew SOTN was included in it (actually you have to unlock it). And I didn't know what Rondo of Blood was. At first I thought it was a remake of Castlevania Vampire Kiss from SNES...

What a fool I was, lol. Actually, "Vampire Kiss" was nothing more than a mediocre version of "Rondo of Blood" for the SNES. When I started playing "Rondo" (you have no other options really) it was like...well it's ok, it's Vampire Kiss... but you get to the first boss and you see... a dragon... what? That's not the black panther there was as the first boss in this game? And I realised this was another game. I got to control Maria... what? Hey! It's cool! Continued playing the game until I was completely absorbed in it.

I forgot that I bought this game just to play SOTN once more for my PSP. I enjoyed like a child with Rondo the same as when I enjoyed Super Castlevania IV in my Super Nintendo. Rondo is 100% old-school, and that is why I loved it. Nowadays, all Castlevania's that are released are SOTN like and while they are fun, I still miss something. Anyway, what more can I say about Rondo?
- It has a lot of levels for a side-scroller!
- Music is AWESOME. The boss battle music is one of the biggest ones I have ever heard in a videogame.
- Bosses. I loved them'all. The hydra is incredible and the Succubus and her laugh is just...wow!
- Two characters: Richter and Maria. They both have different controls, strengths and weaknesses. Learning how to play both is challenging, but fun.
I am not going to discuss graphics because it is all personal taste. It is a 2,5D remake, so if you like it, you like it. I think it is pretty fine.

As long as you continue playing you get to unlock:
- Original Rondo of Blood: Yeah, it is more or less the same. But the cut-scenes are animated, the game is in 2D and it is a little bit more difficult because the control is harder. But anyway, it is a nice addition, mandatory imo, and the music is the original! Great addition.
- SOTN: A masterpiece by itself and I don't need to discuss it in this review. I will just say that it is better than the PSX one because you can play with Maria Renard too once you complete the game!

TL;DR: This title has EVERYTHING that a Castlevania fan could dream for. It was worth my money. Not everybody may be pleased by the fact you have to unlock SOTN, but really, Rondo of Blood is a great game. If you just want to play SOTN and cba to play Rondo a little to unlock it, then use XBOX live or get the PSX original. Cheers ;)