Immense. Awesome. Unique! However it can be VERY boring!

As I downloaded the trial for EVE 10 days ago, I didn't know what to expect. A lot of MMOs I've tried were disappointing, they were very repetitive and focused only on killing/decimating/annihilating stuff, which wasn't very fun for me.

EVE started well on my PC, there wasn't any freezing or extremely long load times. Once I started creating my character, I was struck! Even the character creation page had a lot of depth. I could vary my character a lot of times and there were endless choices that can differently specify my character.

The tutorial was very important and it showed to me how different it was to other games. The graphics was wonderful, the best in its class in my opinion.
The one that really impressed me was the warp effect and the concept of FTL.

After I finished the tutorial, I could already feel the weaknesses of the game. Mining was a total bore and the good effect the game had because it wasn't focusing on destroying stuff wore off because it did focus on another thing, money. The only way you could advance was to earn money by doing long missions that required you to jump 20 Astronomical Units several times (a very long process) and to train your skills.

The offline training skill was a real novelty since you could learn stuff even when you're away from the PC. Though that didn't mean that I preffered it, I fancy training wherein doing something specific will give you skill points in that specific category which will give level your skill up (For example, chopping trees will give you Woodcutting XP which accumulates to give you a faster chopping times).

Overall. the game is a bore 70% of the time, but I congratulate CCP for making a unique game.