Battlefield Clone. DONE BETTER.

Let me start off and say this game is very much the good. It is like the Battlefield Series? But it do the better; The map is real, the gun never ever see in life, yoour character is like you btw, if you have friend, forget friend, ai and teammate in game is best you see? The graphics are nice, even lesser than crysis but it ok, because game is good if you didnt already realize this game good if you didnt already realize.

There not many con in game? IN game the graphic is kinda not best, but its best sometimes, music is almost existent to where not real, also if you have friend, you will lose friend because of how long you gametime! but its okay though, another con. you will become fat another effect of long you gametime! all in all its 10/10 because honestly this game is a must play i mean obsioly. do i need to say more?
music 10/10
game 10/10
life 10/10
fun 10/10
character 10/10
story 10/10 oh yeah i forgot to talk about the story
the story is very nice
controls 10/10 the worst component of the scores, with a measly 10
better than battlefield 10/10

very buy must