Halo Zero is alot of fun to play with and play over, though it will take you about half an hour to get through the singl

Doberman ... you have never heard of them I bet well to put it in a short sentence : They like halo so they decided to make a 2-D sidescroller forever to be known as " Halo Zero " It's a prequal to halo ... Well the story in the game isn't well played out, and with little cut-scences to actual name them cut-scences . Well taking the game is free, which is a great thing the graphics aren't going to blow you away . It's got great looking backgrounds, and pleasant looking sprites, but nothing that can stand up with other free game of it's kind . There's also a couple of bug problems especially on the online . The music is great I guess, but it just feels ported right of halo rather then original themes . Sound design, taken for what the game is, is pretty solid as well . There are, but 2 actual modes in halo zero . Campaign, and online multiplayer . In campaign you will take on more than 10 maps each time you finish a mission you will go onto the next, at the end of the day you will just cruise through it in no less than half an hour 45 minutes of you're unlucky . The controls are a bit loose, but not to complex . There are a couple of weapons raging from the bazooka, to the sniper rifle at the end of the day there are no more than 5 of them . There are about 5 enemies classes which is very cool . One of the downfall of the game comes from the lack of bosses . There aren't any if the blue alies are classified as actual bosses . The online is pretty straight forward, and actually finding a person friend to play with is a mess . You will be able to choose from all the single player maps, and weapons in the online which is great . The online does lag alot and it's plagued with a couple of bugs, at times even crashing . Still it's a nice addition which amps up the value of the game . Overall : Halo Zero is nothing great, but it does manage to both provide a fun, but short single player mode, at the same time adding a cool little online mode, all that for free .