If you like superheroes or just want a very entertaining game, go for this!

The storyline is about the Masters of Evil with another plan to take on the world entirely, and the superheroes forming the Ultimate Alliance to stop them.

Ok, that's the story which actually contains some turns and twists to make it more interesting but, basically, is an standard superheroes cliche.

But that's not bad because you know what are you going to find in this kind of game. Which really adds up is the massive number of characters, extra content, historic details and, of course, the great controls in the Wii.

Done with the storyline, let me put straight that the graphics look just good, with some very nice effects, especially when performing superpowered attacks. From time to time you can find also some nasty glitches but there are really minor to the overall experience.

The sound is good too and the voice acting adds a lot to every character personality, you'll hear the classic humor from Spider-man and Human Torch, etc. And the music comes just right in each scene.

Now, as every Action/RPG you'll win experience points which, in turn, will let you access new superpowers, costumes, and increase the abilities. Just take notice there are a lot of superheroes and this makes a little difficult to develope all of them equally, so choose wisely.

Also, each costume, beyond looking great, adds some specific characteristics, like boosting your energy, experience points or defense, etc. And finally, each boss defeated leaves some kind of weapon to enhance even more each heroe.

In the control department you'll be presented with a tutorial when you first play, showing the 5 basic moves whic, combined with "B", also control each superpower. The basic moves are very intuitive and soon you'll find your favorite ones, but is important to manage each one as, later in the game, yo may find enemies that can receive more damage from certain attacks. Now keep in mind that you don't require a big deal of movement to each attack, and the practice will allow you to better handle each superheroe's abilities.

Also, the multiplayer option allows up to 4 players to play in arcade mode or cooperative, and this can get really great, depending a lot in the way you and your team communicate.

Finally, the game have a lot of action, a lot of content, a great parade of heroes/villains, and a great chance to create a super team and vanquish the evil!!