Lovers of quality RPG and Star Wars, specially the Old Trilogy will have the most exciting and fun experience ever.

Thanks for reading my review, and sorry about my English as is not my mother language.

Four thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Republic is on the verge of collapse. Darth Malak, the last survivor and apprentice of the Dark Lord Revan, has unleashed an invincible Sith army against an unsuspecting galaxy.

Crushing all resistance, Malak's war of conquest has been scattered and weakened the Jedi Order as many Jedi Knights fall in battle, and many more swear allegiance to the new Sith Master.

In the skies over the Outer Rim world of Taris, a Jedi battle fleet has entered into combat with the forces of Darth Malak in a desperate effort to halt the Sith's galactic domination ....

That's how begins the mythic crawl in the saga of Star Wars, for the game Knights of the Old Republic, a successful sci fi/adventure RPG (role playing game) developed by BioWare Corp., a company that created other big successes of similar bill, like the series Mass Effect, the landmark Baldur's Gate or the fantastic Dragon Age.

LucasArts trusts this way on a product that abandons the kill-kill/shot-shot platforms and the world Lego of the saga to create an RPG with brief glimpses of graphic adventure set four thousand years before the events we all know. The archaeologist approach in this universe is quite interesting, although it could be perfectly acclimated two days before or after the event of the movies, as technological and cultural level little change, the only thing different is that in this case there are a lot of Sith and are the Republic is against the wall.

The player takes the role of a stranger who will try to rescue a Jedi apprentice to be the key to defeating the villain and restore order to the galaxy and then embark on a search a là Indiana Jones looking for alien relics which will be the key for the darkest secrets in the history of the galaxy.
But like any good game, the user is free to perform these actions as he prefers, meaning in the universe that we are dealing, the Light path or the path of the Dark Side of the Force, ie it may be a good fellow, a dirty bastard, or chipping here and there. The player will choose the genre and character class (soldier, scout or scoundrel) and then when he discovers his power to choose what kind of expertise in the Force play (combat, powers, or something in between). Depending on the alignment of the player, you will have access to some power or other more easily.

But one of the biggest attractions of the game is the motley crew that will accompany the player to achieve their goals, a gang the player can throw to death if he wishes: a soldier of the Republic, a Jedi apprentice, the classic pair of Wookiee and punk, the little robot, a senile ex-Jedi, a padawan with a tendency to anger, a Mandalorian bounty hunter and a psychopathic protocol droid will be the team that we can gather, each with unique skills, missions and personal stories.

The game has a very respectable time, the player can spend between 30-70 hours of alienation in KotOR , and may visit up to seven planets, excluding cruise ships and space stations, where besides the main story, there will be many more tasks related to their worlds, creating a very consistent universe.

The game engine is based on the classic dice roll d20 rol world, running in the background for the performance of throws by the skills to develop the character (and there are plenty available). You can always check the results of these throws, but it all goes invisible for the player so that the experience is most cinematic as possible, but so does the fighting, which is quite entertaining as they do not fall into tedium shift which I believe was unbearable in other RPG like the saga of Final Fantasy .

The graphic is very good thinking when it was created: 2003, which still find hieratic facial expressions, reduced fluidity of movement and design something out of date compared with today, but still fulfilling its mission very well, which is to immerse in their world.

The game was a success and, after the huge charisma that took the game's protagonist, LucasArts decided to make a sequel titled The Sith Lords , which began its development when the first game just landed on the X-Box. Instead of hiring BioWare, this time would deal with development Obsidian Entertainment , who used the game engine used by BioWare as a template and improved it.