'Clearly best game ever made!' this game was ahead of its time and still to this date is!

Shenmue came out back in 2000 and was not really that popular ( in the uk ) but was a true masterpeice. This game has more to it that meets the eye, the graphics are amazing and this came out on the dreamcast which soon got over ruled by ps2, xbox and also gamecube BUT the whole game was taken thurther than any new colsole game.

The story, the graphics, the music, the characters and every single thing about this game is perfect in every way and i've never played such a better game in my life. Its all set in japan and then in china on ( shenmue 2 ) and everything is perfectly in place to make it look like you are actually walking around japan in the mid 80's.

You will go through the game playing as a man called Ryo whos father has been murdered by a man called lun di, and you have to go and fiind out why he got killed and go avenge your fathers death. If you have never played this game before the you should buy a dreamcast of ebay with this game and play it !!!!