V. Nice

Star Wars games allways perk my interest and this one perked it that little bit more. For starters i own battlefront 1 and played it to death online until it went old (when battlefront 2 came out). Then i have hammered battlefront 2 Online till this very day. Of course not only online is good check out this review if you are unsure about it.

The gameplay is basically war, where you take on the roll of one of five soildier classes and basically charge in kill and be killed. Unlike other games when you die you basically respaws as a different soildier which basically improves the game. Also you can play as one of the jedi or one of the heroes from the film such as darth maul or chewbacca. The main single player mode is rise of the empire in which players fight in space battles and land battles until the rather disappointing finish on hoth.

The graphics and sound are exellent making the in-game and cut-scene expierences amazing i mean who dosent want to fly in an epic space battle in the film i know i do. The sound is basically all the tunes from the films so star wars fans will recognize them instantly.

Overall this game is well worth your time basically for a great and refreshing expierence of true star wars.